Absolute Magnetics Corp. has two companies under its umbrella - Clear Water Solutions and The Fuel Tool Co. - both centered on products from Algae-X International and Mag-Tek Inc. These corporations offer direct sales and are developing a distributor dealer network.

Clear Water Solutions offers a new and effective weapon for conditioning household water, whether it be used for drinking, cooking, showering or the landscape. Much of the water piped into homes and businesses contains a significant amount of minerals that are masked by scale and calcium compounds that are causing clogged pipes; reduced water pressure; deposits on faucets and shower heads; spotted and milky clouds on glassware and silverware; poor sudsing of soaps, detergents and shampoos; crusted rings in toilet tanks; water heater inefficiency; and dry skin and dandruff. When hard water scale builds up in heat exchangers, cooling towers and boilers, the results are higher energy costs, increased chemical usage, expensive down time for maintenance, and negative environmental impact of chemical and waste disposal. All of these problems can be eliminated through a process called magneto-hydrodynamics.

Mag-Tek Inc. uses very strong "Rare Earth Magnets" to create a powerful magnetic field for water to pass through. This magnetic field breaks up molecular complexes carried in the water and frees the captive mineral particles. These particles act as crystallization centers, giving surrounding mineral molecules something to "stick" to rather than forming layers of scale on the inside of plumbing and appliance surfaces - a process known as magnetic fluid conditioning. The results - prevention of scale build-up, improved water flow, increased water heater and appliance efficiency, extended life of plumbing and appliances, and sparkling fresh water - all at a cost less than traditional water softeners, is non-polluting, and without adding anything to the water such as salt. In most cases even replacing a water softener.

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